Lindsay Lohan Searching For Sperm Donor?

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Lindsay Lohan Sperm Donor 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Lindsay Lohan Sperm Donor 2015

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Lindsay Lohan is NOT searching for a sperm donor, despite a new report that is essentially a previously-debunked story now rewritten and being offered as new. Again, Gossip Cop can bust the claim.

According to the National Enquirer, Lohan “is on the hunt for a no-strings-attached sperm donor.” Citing “friends,” the supermarket tabloid alleges the star “wants to be pregnant by her 30th birthday on July 2.” One so-called “pal” is quoted as saying, “She’s already making inquiries to several sperm-donor clinics in Europe.”

“She wants to do it after having one final party on New Year’s Eve,” the alleged source goes on to claim. “She truly believes she’ll make a great mom, because she’s learned from all her past mistakes and can devote herself to the child 24/7.” The National Enquirer, however, leaves out one major thing.

Its story comes more than two years after the magazine made similar “sperm donor” claims, that time alleging Lohan had “approached several male friends and asked them” to be her “sperm daddies.” Gossip Cop debunked the report, and time has proven us right. And not surprisingly, the National Enquirer doesn’t acknowledge in its new piece that it previously wrongly made similar allegations.

Even less surprisingly, this tale is just as made up as the first one. A rep for Lohan denies she is looking for a sperm donor. That means the National Enquirer has struck out with Lohan two weeks in a row, after falsely claiming last week she planned to get liposuction. Pathetic.


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