Lindsay Lohan is not pregnant. Speculation that the actress hinted she's expecting is off-base. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the claims.

"Wait, is Lindsay Lohan pregnant?" asks HollywoodLife. The site notes the star posted on Instagram artwork showing a woman laying on a bed with a head floating above the belly, attached via an umbilical cord. "This certainly isn't how we'd imagine her sharing pregnancy news, but Lindsay does have a penchant for surprising us," contends the outlet.

The online publication goes on to further wonder, "The redhead captioned the gruesome image, 'Life is life,' along with the #MeToo hashtag. What is she trying to slyly tell her fans?! Could she be sharing that she was pregnant but tragically lost the baby?" Actually, Lohan did reveal in 2014 that she suffered a miscarriage on her OWN TV show. Clearly the blog is unaware of that, otherwise it wouldn't have asked its clueless question.

To further its theory that Lohan could be pregnant now, the webloid copies and pastes comments from followers, such as "Do you want a baby or are you pregnant or is this just art?" and "Linds... is this your pregnancy announcement?" Unable to provide any answers itself, HollywoodLies, as its known, asserts, "Here's hoping Lindsay offers an explanation soon!" The site also asks readers, "What do YOU think? Is Lindsay preggo or no?"

But real news enterprises, which HollywoodLies purports to be, do not look to readers for the facts. Journalists are supposed to investigate and report, not throw out a claim and leave it open-ended. With that in mind, Gossip Cop did investigate. And we can now exclusively report that Lohan is not pregnant. We're exclusively told by Lohan's rep that she shared the artwork simply because she's a fan of the artist, Mark Ryden. The painter is known for surrealist imagery, and some of Ryden's past work has been connected to the likes of Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne, among others.

Rather than fact-checking to find out if Lohan's post of Ryden's art was intended to be a pregnancy announcement, HollywoodLies sensationally read into a meaning that wasn't actually there. Unsurprisingly, the pot-stirring Daily Mail did the same. Now once again, Gossip Cop has set the record straight. We urge our readers to come back to this story in three months and see who reported the facts and who spread fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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