Lindsay Lohan Never Converted To Islam, One Year After False Reports

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Lindsay Lohan Islam

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Lindsay Lohan Islam

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Lindsay Lohan never converted to Islam, despite reports from a year ago that alleged she was changing religions. Gossip Cop busted the false claims on January 15, 2017. Now time has proven our reporting was correct.

The untrue rumors appeared to originate from Yahoo, which noted that Lohan had deleted her Instagram history and left a post stating, “Alaikum salam,” which is Arabic for “Peace be unto you.” The site alleged that might be evidence she “may have already converted to Islam,” and connected the message to Lohan previously telling fans that “she’s excited for the next chapter in her life.”

The article further pointed out that “many Muslims from all over the world are sending their congratulations to the former Disney child star via social media,” observing that “most of them are also asking Allah to guide Lohan in her journey with the religion.” And as further proof of Lohan’s new religious affiliation, the story mentioned how the actress was photographed carrying a Quran in 2015.

But an interest in Islam did not equal a conversion to the Muslim faith. A rep for the former child star point-blank told Gossip Cop exclusively that Lohan had “not converted.” In addition, her mom Dina explained to us that Lohan was simply taking a break from social media. The deletion of her past history and the inclusion of an Arabic greeting was not an announcement about her religious identity, but simply a temporary farewell from the site.

The next month, Lohan backed up our reporting when she said on “Good Morning Britain” that although she has studied Islam and reads the Quran, there’s been no conversion. And in the 12 months since, nothing has changed. She also further explained at the time that the “Alaikum salam” post on her Instagram was actually old. “That was there for quite some time, and people didn’t realize that,” Lohan said, also noting that her interest isn’t just in Islam, but all faiths and cultures.

These days, although Lohan is living in Dubai, she still has not converted to Islam. She explained on “The Wendy Williams Show” just last week that she simply enjoys the “serenity” she finds there. “It’s illegal to have paparazzi. It’s banned,” Lohan pointed out, also sharing how she can have “fun” there without feeling pressured to drink. “I just feel very safe,” she said. Lohan also revealed her plans to design an island in Dubai. At no point was anything said about a commitment to the city’s religion.