Lindsay Lohan Posts Boob Photo: “Show It While You Got It” — SEE PICTURE HERE

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Lindsay Lohan Boob Instagram Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Lindsay Lohan Boob Instagram Photo


Lindsay Lohan wants you to know she has boobs. The starlet took to Instagram to show off her breasts, or at least one of them. See the full picture below.

Lohan posted the behind-the-scenes picture from a recent photo shoot for Notion magazine. While at first glance it seemed to just be a “thank you” to those she worked with for the “innovative and inspiring time today,” one part of the snapshot was unmissable. The actress’ left breast was hanging out of her open shirt. And just in case one somehow did NOT catch the blatant nudity, Lohan was sure to add the hashtag, “#ShowitWhileYouGotIt.”

Interestingly, while other female stars have seen their chest-baring pictures pulled down from Instagram, Lohan’s has remained up. That could be because while the movie star’s whole breast is visible, there’s a shadow in the nipple area making that part hard to see, and it’s often clear nipple shots that get deemed a violation of the social media site’s community guidelines.

Lohan has also been captioning nearly all her Instagram photos, include the boob one, with the hashtag “#MajorSituation,” which seems to be a new project she is working on. Last week, the actress posted a picture of a stranger seemingly spying on her, and wrote, “This guy is pretending not to take a photo of me right now……. #sometimesLIFEisweird and that sucks to be honest coz they weren’t nice #MajorSituation #hereforwork.”

And she also shared a meme that featured her picture and the text, “If you don’t like me & still watch everything I do, B*TCH YOU ARE A FAN!” Lohan wrote in the caption, “#MajorSituation #saynomore hahaha.” Check out the boob photo below and tell us if you are, in fact, a “fan.”

Lindsay Lohan Boob Photo



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