Lindsay Lohan Birthday: Gossip Cop Blows Out 5 Wrong Rumors In Actress’ Honor

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Lindsay Lohan Birthday Rumors

By Shari Weiss |

Lindsay Lohan Birthday Rumors

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It’s Lindsay Lohan‘s 30th birthday on Saturday, and in honor of the milestone, Gossip Cop is looking back at five rumors we exclusively “blew out” about the actress. The star’s personal and professional lives have sparked a lot of tabloid stories over the years, but not everything you’ve read about Lohan is true. Here are just five examples from the past year.

1. Last September, Star published a bizarre piece claiming Lohan begged an Uber driver to hang out with her. It was said the former child star was so desperate for friends that she resorted to going out with a stranger. Tellingly, the magazine never said when or where this supposedly took place, and the driver wasn’t even named. Unsurprisingly, a rep for Lohan exclusively told Gossip Cop the story was entirely made up.

2. In December, the National Enquirer claimed Lohan wanted to get liposuction on her supposed “double chin.” The supermarket tabloid alleged she was “horrified whenever her wobbly wattle pops up in pics,” and was now “ready to put her neck on the line — with liposuction.” But the “LIPO LILO” story was “all untrue,” her spokesperson exclusively assured Gossip Cop.

3. Just one week later, the National Enquirer had a new article about Lohan, this one claiming she was “on the hunt for a no-strings-attached sperm donor.” In fact, it was specifically alleged she wanted “to be pregnant by her 30th birthday on July 2.” A rep for Lohan denied the allegations, and, well, here we now are on July 2 and the actress is not pregnant via sperm donor.

4. 2016, of course, brought more tabloid tales, such as the February story from Star announcing Lohan was “broke again.” The publication cruelly accused her of “spending like she’s on the A-list,” and said she was “so desperate she’s offering herself for appearances at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.” Yet, in the months since, Lohan never took on any such gigs, and there’s been no proof of massive debt. A rep for Lohan rightly told Gossip Cop the article was worthless and “NOT true.”

5. Most recently, at the end of May, OK! alleged Lohan will be moving to Russia after she marries Egor Tarabasov. That came just three weeks after a previous story from the magazine claimed the star was feuding with her parents over the wedding plans. Neither story was true, with Lohan’s father Michael even helping Gossip Cop bust the latter allegation. And with all the Brexit drama lately, she’s made her allegiance to London quite clear.

By the way, it’s worth noting Star, the National Enquirer, and OK! are all owned by the same company. It’s clear that while Lohan has taken great strides in getting her life together, the tabloids still haven’t learned how to fact-check. But Gossip Cop sincerely wishes Lohan a rumor-free birthday. Check out photos of the actress through the years below!


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