Linda Perry: Lady Gaga Doesn’t Deserve Oscars Nomination

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Linda Perry Laady Gaga Oscar Nomination

By Shari Weiss |

Linda Perry Laady Gaga Oscar Nomination

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Linda Perry doesn’t believe Lady Gaga deserved an Oscar nomination, and explained why in a series of tweets early Monday morning.

As Gossip Cop reported, Gaga and Diane Warren received a Best Original Song nomination when the 2016 Academy Awards nominees were announced last week. Together they were nominated for the music and lyrics of “Til It Happens To You,” a song Gaga recorded for the sexual assault documentary, The Hunting Ground. Traditionally, the artist who wrote the song and is the principal composer, not who performed it, is the nominated person listed on the Oscar ballot.

And now Perry is questioning whether Gaga really contributed to the writing of “Til It Happens To You.” The music legend tweeted, “Normally I wouldn’t respond to all this but I don’t know Im feeling spunky. There was another artist that originally was gonna sing #TIHTY. I have Diane’s original demo with her singing. The only line that has been changed ‘Till you’re at the end, the end of your rope.’ Originally was ‘TIL YOU GOT A HOLE RIPPED IN YOUR SOUL.’ So I guess technically one line was changed so sure Gaga possibly ‘rewrote’ a line.”

“But chances are Diane still took part in rewriting that line which means Gaga contributed a few words. Is that writing? Not in my book,” argued Perry. She noted, “I love Gaga so much respect and love this song that has nothing to do with anything. Why did Gaga get credit? Maybe because Diane wanted to ensure her support in promoting the song. Gaga is a very smart business women [sic] she knew a song written by Diane Warren would be up for an Oscar.”

Perry went on, “And you know it’s hard getting music out there and heard. Especially a song from a documentary, so Diane knew if she gave Gaga writing credit it would ensure the support this song needed and deserved. And Gaga knows her power.” The rocker, however, received some blowback for her critical comments.

“I’m not putting anyone or anything down. I’m stating the truth. I credit Diane for writing this song, it is her experience her pain her words. That’s it kids,” insisted Perry. She added, “Listen, one of you Gaga kids got upset when I said Diane wrote a great song. You can’t win on Twitter… There’s no bitterness, I’ve stated Gaga killed this song so powerful so blown away by her performance.”

Indeed, Perry did tweet a few days prior, “Congratulations to all nominees especially @Diane_Warren you wrote a beautiful song and @ladygaga gave a powerful performance.” Neither Gaga nor Warren have responded to Perry’s tweets. She and the pop star are pictured above at last year’s Songwriters Hall Of Fame induction and awards ceremony.

UPDATE: Warren has since responded, tweeting Monday afternoon, “‘Til It Happens To You’ was written for The Hunting Ground, an incredibly powerful documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. The song is the result of a special collaboration between myself and Lady Gaga. As Lady Gaga and I have consistly [sic] said ‘Til It Happens To You’ was inspired by the countless survivors of abuse who need our support and love so they know they’re not alone.”

SECOND UPDATE: On Monday evening, Perry backtracked, tweeting, “My sincere apologies. I made a mistake to comment. I wasn’t in the room when the #TIHTY was being written. More importantly, I wish the focus to remain on the great importance of the song and the message of the film.” She also deleted her prior tweets on the subject.


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