Lin-Manuel Miranda Denies Sitting In “Hamilton” Audience In Disguise

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Disguise Hamilton

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Disguise Hamilton

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is denying claims he would sit in the Hamilton audience in disguise, contrary to a story shared by Questlove. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Questlove claimed Miranda would opt not to perform in front of VIP guests, but instead sit in the audience in disguise. The point was supposedly for the Hamilton creator to be able see how said VIPs reacted to different aspects of the musical. “Whenever a high-profile celebrity would come, or someone of Obama’s caliber, Lin would not do Hamilton. So there’s a whole bunch of high-profile people like the President, and Oprah, [where] Lin would rather watch them watch the show,” Questlove told the outlet.

He further said, “Lin sat in disguise. That’s how much of a nerd and dweeb Lin is. He kept tabs on everyone who watched — who got the jokes, who laughed the most, who didn’t get the jokes. Even the one high-profile celebrity that was on their phone more than they were watching the whole play.” Questlove added, “I’m like, ‘Yo. Are you trying to tell me that every time somebody important was in the audience, you had your stand-in do it?’ He’s like, ‘Yep. Exactly.'”

It’s not clear if Questlove was embellishing, but Miranda himself is now shooting the claims down. On Tuesday, a few days after the magazine tweeted, “.@Lin_Manuel Miranda watched #Hamilton in disguise when celebrities were in the audience,” the star responded with a denial. “False. My only disguise was AS Hamilton. From onstage,” he wrote.

Still, Miranda added, “But as people with phones have learned, I can see EVERYTHING from onstage.” So, he is keeping tabs… just not from the audience in disguise. Questlove, who worked on The Hamilton Mixtape, has not commented. UPDATE: When Miranda’s denial was pointed out to him on Twitter, Questlove responded with, “hmph.”

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Lin-Manuel Miranda would sit in the “Hamilton” audience in disguise.


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