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2020 has been a banner year for Lily Collins. Her Netflix series Emily in Paris has been a big hit, and she got engaged too!

The same can’t be said for her father Phil Collins. Is Lily going to put off her wedding because of Phil’s ongoing divorce? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Lily’s Wedding From Hell’

According to Life & Style, what should be a joyous time in Lily’s wife is has been dampened by her father, who is “embroiled in a nasty court battle with her former stepmother, Orianne Cevey, over their Florida mansion.” Cevey alleges that Phil was “emotionally and verbally abusive,” while Phil alleges that Cevey had used armed guards to take control of his mansion. The tabloid says “there’s no denying the messy situation is making things hellish for Lily.”

A group photo from 2000, from left to right: Orianne Cevey. Phil Collins, a young Lily Collins, Joely Collins
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An insider says Lily is “afraid she may have to delay the wedding” because “the ugliness is spilling into everything.” Adding to the situation is the unfortunate nerve damage the "Against All Odds" singer suffered that has kept him mostly in a wheelchair. While Lily waits for her father’s drama to wrap up, she is seeking comfort in her fiance, Charlie McDowell: “Lily really lucked out, finding him.”

Believable, But False

This tabloid story makes logical sense, but it is simply not true. Gossip Cop does not doubt that Lily probably isn’t happy about her father’s ongoing health and legal trouble, but she has no plans to delay her wedding. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lily giddily discussed planning her wedding:

This is like a fun part… you get to think about all those things, you know, as a young girl, thinking like, 'Ooh, what do I want one day?' It's like, now you get to actually play and have conversations about it.

She also commented on her father’s legal trouble, saying “that’s his story to kind of deal with” and added that she will “always [support] and love him and he knows that.” It seems like Lily is doing exactly as good as she possibly could be in this situation and has a healthy mindset distinguishing her father’s legal issues from her wedding joy.

Not A Great Marital Reputation

This tabloid doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to weddings. It claimed in 2018 that Taylor Swift was engaged, but obviously, that was made-up. It said Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were planning a $1 million wedding, but they’re not even dating. In a story similar to this Collins one, it claimed Jennifer Lopez was delaying her wedding, not due to COVID-19 (the real reason), but because she was having second thoughts.

Lily Collins is not having any second thoughts, nor is she delaying her wedding, This tabloid just likes to use weddings as a tool to generate stories, but its reputation shows that we should not believe them.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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