Lilli Passero, Ashley Levin “The Voice” Knockouts Video – Watch Performances!

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Ashley Levin Lilli Passero The Voice Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ashley Levin Lilli Passero The Voice Video


Lilli Passero and Ashley Levin went head to head on “The Voice” Knockouts on Monday, leading to a steal. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Passero joined Alicia Keys’ team after her Blind Audition. As seen just last week during the Battles, Passero beat team mate Lauryn Judd to move on to the third round of the NBC competition. Meanwhile, Keys stole Ashley Levin from Blake Shelton when she was on the verge of elimination.

Now Keys paired up her veteran artist wiith her newbie. But unlike the Battles, where the contestants gave joint performances, the two would now be singing separately. Still, there could only be one left standing in the end. Passero picked Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own” for her turn, while Levin, who performed first, went with “Fancy” by Reba McEntire.

Both gave more than impressive performances, with Gwen Stefani saying afterward, “Honestly, I swear to you Alicia, this is a really, really challenging one.” But she gave her vote to Levin. Adam Levine pointed out that he previously said Passero would win the whole competition, and gave her the edge again here. “Something about the way you carry yourself screams potential winner of ‘The Voice,'” he said.

And Shelton agreed Passero, not his former artist, should be handed the victory. When it came time for Keys to make a decision, she hilariously yelled out, “I quit!” But she had to pick one, and she decided to keep Levin on her team. As soon as he could, Levine repeatedly pushed his button to steal Passero… and then Shelton hit his, too.

“I can’t believe this actually happened,” Levine said, begging Passero to pick him. Shelton pointed out he’s “been a believer since day one.” The two men argued and talked over each other, but the aspiring star eventually chose to join Team Adam! Check out the videos below!

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