Lil Kim Eyed In House Robbery In L.A.

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Lil Kim Robbery

By Michael Lewittes |

Lil Kim Robbery

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Lil Kim may have to face the music for a possible robbery. The rapper and members of her crew are reportedly being eyed for a break-in, theft, and property damages at a Los Angeles home, which she was slated to rent for a BET Awards party.

Gossip Cop is told Lil Kim is among those being investigated after an early morning dispute on Sunday that appears to be connected to a robbery two hours later. According to the police, Lil Kim was set to rent a home for a BET Awards party, but after looking at it at around 2 a.m. on Sunday, she decided it didn’t work for her and asked for her deposit to be returned. An argument then ensued between the renter and Lil Kim and her entourage, which resulted in the police first arriving at the property.

Since it was a non-violent or threatening dispute at the time, the police simply told both parties to pipe down and amicably resolve the issue. The rapper and her posse then left the scene, but law enforcement officials say some seemingly armed and masked individuals returned at approximately 4 a.m., and took Lil Kim’s deposit back as well as additional money, which we’re told was in excess of $20,000 combined. Additionally, they vandalized the renter’s car.

Gossip Cop will continue following up with the LAPD for more information. We have also reached out to Lil Kim’s rep for a comment, but have yet to hear back. As of now, she has not been named as a suspect in the robbery.

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