‘Life Of Kylie’ Season Finale Recap: Kylie Jenner Visits Shaman For Love Life Reading

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Life Of Kylie Finale Recap

By Andrew Shuster |

Life Of Kylie Finale Recap


Kylie Jenner visited a shaman in Peru to get a reading about her love life on Sunday’s season finale of “Life of Kylie.” Also during the episode, the reality star and her best friend Jordyn Woods participated in a commitment ceremony to reaffirm their friendship. Get the full recap below!

The season finale picked up where last week’s episode left off, with Kylie, her mom Kris, her best friend Jordyn and the rest of her glam squad traveling around Peru. Kylie and Jordyn decided to bring the group to a Peruvian shaman for guidance and advice. “I think my mom thinks we’re a little crazy,” Kylie admitted in a confessional. After Kylie asked for insight about her love life, the shaman’s translator revealed, “It’s actually very good. There is one person that is very interested. You can see he’s already talking with you. Yes, he has good intentions. He’s inside, looking at you.” Kylie laughed, “He’s inside of me,” before Kris asked, “Does it start with a T?” hinting at her daughter’s rumored relationship with rapper Travis Scott.

Jordyn got her reading next, but the shaman’s translator informed her, “He says there is no love.” The group began laughing at the unfortunate news, but the shaman clarified, “It’s gonna take time. They are there, but right now they are busy doing other things.” “It’s OK Jordy, you have me,” Kylie noted. The reality star further explained in a confessional that she and Jordyn have a once in a lifetime connection, but Kris later pulled Jordyn aside and expressed worry that she was getting “lost in Kylie and her world.” “Do you feel there’s a bit of codependency going on?” the momager asked. “You’re blossoming. You have to take care of Jordyn.” Jordyn admitted in a confessional she needs to work on “not following” Kylie everywhere and instead living her own life. “Don’t be afraid to talk to each other,” added Kris.

Kylie and Jordyn later had a heartfelt conversation about their relationship. Jordyn explained that she doesn’t feel independent enough, but also feels bad “saying no to doing things because we really only have each other.” She added, “I don’t want you out here doing stuff by yourself. That’s not fun. It’s hard for me to find the balance in my life.” Kylie responded, “I do feel like I do a lot of sh*t by myself,” but Jordyn recalled an incident in Miami where she bowed out of an event because it revolved around Kylie’s schedule. “Was I supposed to just sit in my room and wait until you guys are ready to go?” Jordyn asked. But Kylie took umbrage with her question, barking, “What do you mean?! I was doing my makeup! I was going to go in your room and do my makeup with you and get ready and we were gonna leave. It was just a miscommunication.” Jordyn recalled the situation differently, explaining, “I knocked on the door and you were like, ‘No.’ You just have to look at it from my side too.” Kylie then said, “I never force you to do anything… Don’t make me seem like I’m forcing you to do sh*t.”

But Jordyn maintained, “That’s not what this conversation is about. I don’t want you to feel like I am saying that you’re dragging me to these places. Even being around you, I feel pressured.” “We should all strive to be great,” Kylie told her friend, who said, “I need to just be the best me I can be and you help me become the best me I can be.” Kylie added in a confessional, “I do think it’s hard to be the best friend [of a celebrity]. It’s a lot of attention, dealing with me and my family.” Kylie went on to tell her friend, “Whatever you want to do, I’m here for you.”

The girls later decided to strengthen their relationship with an ancient Peruvian ceremony to prove their commitment to one another, which Kylie described as “a marriage for friends.” With Kris and the rest of Kylie’s entourage looking on, Kylie walked into the room covered head to toe in white clothing, including a large, furry hat. The reality star was also holding a baby lamb, while Jordyn followed behind with a bouquet of red roses. As the two stood in front of the man presiding over the ceremony, he began, “The rites to be married…” Kris then whispered to the group, “This is just a commitment ceremony. Does he know that?” “I don’t know,” responded Kylie’s assistant Victoria. Kris continued, “Do we need to get this annulled after? There’s no prenup. F**k!”

Kylie and Jordyn then exchanged vows to one other, with the reality star telling her BFF, “I vow to love you through all of our adventures and I vow to take you as my best friend.” The girls ended the ceremony by dancing together while Kylie exclaimed, “Friends forever!” On the flight home to Los Angeles, Kylie asked her mom if the jet could drop her off in Houston to catch her boyfriend’s concert, but Jordyn decided not to join her. “I’m just focusing on me,” she said in a confessional. “I’m just really proud of her,” added Kylie. As the episode ended, she noted that filming her reality series has been “a really amazing chapter in my life” filled with experiences she’ll “remember forever.” “Life is good,” Kylie concluded.

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