‘Life Of Kylie’ Recap: Kylie Jenner Visits Sick Fan

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Life Of Kylie Recap Sick Fan

By Andrew Shuster |

Life Of Kylie Recap Sick Fan


Kylie Jenner visited a sick young fan on Sunday’s brand new episode of “Life of Kylie.” Get the full recap below!

Early in the show, Kylie and her best friend Jordyn Woods drove to the home of a 15-year-old girl named Ari who suffered from cystic fibrosis, a disease that damages the lungs and digestive system. “I get a lot of requests from fans to meet them,” Kylie noted in a confessional. “When I first heard her story, I just knew that I wanted to meet her.” Kylie surprised the girl by walking into her room and giving her a big hug, to which Ari exclaimed, “I’m in so much shock right now!”

“We heard about you and we wanted to make sure we came to hang out with you,” Kylie told her fan. Ari went on to show the reality star her various art projects. “You are like the coolest person ever,” Kylie said, to which Ari responded, “No, you are.” The young girl asked, “How’d this happen?” before adding, “I could be your new best friend!” Kylie then told her, “You already are!” and the girls proceeded to film a Snapchat video together.

After their visit, Kylie and Jordyn got emotional while talking about the experience. “It just makes me think about what’s their family going through,” said Jordyn, whose dad died of cancer earlier this year. “With my dad I remember the first time going back to the hospital. He had a whole life. These people were healthy and there’s so much future and potential.” Jordyn added in a confessional, “With my dad it’s like every day it becomes more and more real. You realize how short life is and it’s definitely changed my perspective on living and the time that we have and that we can’t take things for granted.”

Jordyn further told Kylie, “I just wish he was there to give me advice… but I truly believe that all the answers you already know within yourself.” Kylie then noted in a confessional, “It was really hard to see Jordyn go through something like that because, one, I’m just genuinely so close to her so when she cries I cry. And it’s crazy that it’s going to happen to me one day.”

Later, Kylie attended the unveiling of her wax figure at Madame Tussauds before jetting off for London. The girls decided to visit a local zoo during their trip, but their visit got a bit tense after entering a butterfly sanctuary. “It’s kind of ironic because I’m terrified of butterflies. All butterflies,” explained Kylie, who has a butterfly tattoo. She added in her confessional, “This is how I think of them. Cut their wings off and if you just look at their bodies, they’re not that pretty.” While cautiously making her way through the sanctuary, a freaked out Kylie exclaimed, “I’m scared if one lands on me!” One of the zoo employees assured the reality star that the insects don’t bite, but that didn’t help calm her down.

Kylie and Jordyn later met up with Kendall to take a bus tour around the city. When the girls flew back home to Los Angeles, they met up with Kylie’s dad Caitlyn to ride motorcycles. “When Jordyn lost her dad, it definitely made me appreciate my dad a lot more,” Kylie said in a confessional. “We have to appreciate the people that we love while they’re here.” As the episode ended, the girls took off on their motorcycles while Caitlyn yelled, “We’ve got ourselves a drag race!”

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