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A story claiming Kylie Jenner's upcoming reality show "Life Of Kylie" is a "disaster" is untrue, Gossip Cop is told. See statements below.

Gossip Cop exclusively broke the news in April that Jenner is starring on her own reality show called "Life Of Kylie." Like the other Kardashian-Jenner reality programs, the new series is set to air on E!. Now with a month until the premiere, Life & Style is announcing in its new issue, "Kylie's New Show Is A Disaster Already!"

"The producers and the network are worried that 'Life Of Kylie' is going to be a disaster," a so-called "insider" claims to the tabloid. "Based on what they've seen so far, they fear they have a real dog on their hands." As evidence of "trouble," the gossip magazine points out that the show's start date was pushed from July to August.

The supposed source is quoted as saying, "Kylie comes across dull and wooden. There just isn't enough drama." That's allegedly because Jenner has "refused to talk about her dating life," contends the outlet's snitch, who further asserts, "It's been testing poorly [during screenings], even with diehard Kylie fans. They're not finding her interesting enough to watch for an entire episode."

Consequently, "Producers are scrambling and have thrown around the idea of having Kim [Kardashian] on the show. But Kylie is resisting. It's her show, and she doesn't want it to be about Kim or anyone else," maintains the publication's "insider." But these allegations don't match what Gossip Cop has heard.

Ryan Seacrest, who is producing the show, already explained that the premiere date was changed because it was decided "Life Of Kylie" should air on Sundays, like the family's other series, instead of Thursdays. That decision meant working the program into E!'s weekend schedule, and the new August date was what worked out.

And the network remains fully committed to the show. "As an executive producer and star, Kylie Jenner has opened up her world to share with her fans since starting production in the spring. We are excited for the premiere of 'Life of Kylie' on Sunday, August 6 at 9pm ET/PT," an E! spokesperson says in a statement furnished to Gossip Cop.

That's not all. Jeff Olde, the executive vice president for programming and development at E!, further says, "Throughout our partnership with Kylie, she's shown just how dedicated she is to shooting a show we know her fans are going to love. We are excited about the 'Life of Kylie' episodes we've seen and can't wait for everyone to see it." Gossip Cop will have a full recap on August 6, and we'll continue to correct Life & Style's inaccurate reports about Jenner's reality show as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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