Liam Payne Giving Up Music For Acting?

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Liam Payne Acting

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Liam Payne Acting

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Is Liam Payne giving up music for acting? A new report claims the One Direction singer is looking to change, well, the direction of his career. But Gossip Cop has exclusively learned this story is untrue.

The inaccurate article can be found in the pages of Life & Style, under the headline, “Liam’s New Direction: From Music To Movies.” It begins with a reference to a One Direction song, with the tabloid asserting Payne is “looking to change up the story of his life.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “He’s moving from music to movies.” This supposed source goes on to allege Payne is already “taking private acting lessons and is signed with talent agency CAA, which is setting up big Hollywood meetings for him.”

None of these purported “big Hollywood meetings” is described, nor is it said with whom exactly Payne is allegedly meeting. Rather, the magazine transitions to a new angle, claiming the British star’s girlfriend, Cheryl, “isn’t happy” with these supposed plans, in part because she’s “left home in the U.K.” with their son, Bear. “Their relationship is on the rocks, and his Hollywood ambitions are making things worse,” maintains the “source.”

Actually, the couple’s romance is not “on the rocks.” In February, while some ill-informed outlets were claiming they were on the verge of a split, Gossip Cop accurately reported that Payne and Cheryl were very much still together. Time has since proven we were right. And just this week, the performer himself confirmed their relationship is going well. “I feel like we’re in a really comfortable place right now,” Payne said in an interview about why he and Cheryl aren’t getting married soon.

As for the contention that Payne is “ready for the big screen,” even though his partner “isn’t on board,” that is false as well. Payne spent this week promoting his latest single, “Familiar,” with a press tour that included performances on “GMA” and “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” And it was while on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday that Payne announced that his long-awaited debut solo album will be released on or around September 14. That pretty much guarantees the rest of his 2018 will be focused on music.

Additionally, there is no evidence that Payne has signed with a CAA agent for acting jobs. Typically when celebrities sign with talent agents, the news is reported by trade publications, such as The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. Neither publication, or any of its ilk, have reported anything about Payne getting an acting agent. What’s more, a spokesperson for the star tells Gossip Cop it’s “not true” he is currently transitioning from music to movies. While Payne isn’t opposed to taking on film roles at some point in the future, this narrative is quite premature. UPDATE: As is the case of too many celebrity relationships, in July 2018, Cheryl and Payne went their separate ways.


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