Liam Payne, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Career Jealousy Claims NOT True

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Liam Payne Jealous Cheryl Career

By Shari Weiss |

Liam Payne Jealous Cheryl Career

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Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini are not being driven apart by jealousy and conflicting careers, despite reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story. We’re told it’s “B.S.”

The Mirror states in a headline, “Trouble in paradise? Cheryl ‘paranoid’ Liam Payne’s imminent solo success will leave her trailing in the background.” The accompanying story claims Fernandez-Versini is “struggling to deal with the power dynamic in her relationship” with “global superstar” Payne. While both have new music in the works, “Cheryl is said to be ‘concerned’ that Liam’s solo album will be such a success, her efforts will be left trailing in his wake.”

The British paper is regurgitating these allegations from Closer magazine, which quotes a source as saying, “Cheryl is very supportive of Liam’s career and wants the best for him. However, she’s secretly paranoid that when he’s back in the spotlight doing promotional work she’ll fade into the background and they won’t be on equal footing anymore.”

Both outlets note “this is the first time Cheryl has been involved with someone far more famous than her,” and the tabloid’s supposed snitch alleges, “Cheryl isn’t used to being the less famous one in a relationship. She’s accustomed to having everything revolve around her.” The alleged tipster adds, “Cheryl knowns [sic] she’s becoming needy with Liam in terms of her career, and she’s worried that if she can’t seem to be able to do her own thing without his help then it could ruin their relationship.”

Both Payne and Fernandez-Versini are significantly successful in their own ways, and Gossip Cop is told there is no career jealousy brewing. In fact, while one contact exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claims are “definitely B.S.,” another says they have been “crazy about each other.”

While it’s anyone’s guess whether Payne and Fernandez-Versini will make it in the long run, this “trouble in paradise” report is premature. It’s also worth noting that the Mirror previously claimed there was “trouble in paradise” with a false split story about Payne and Fernandez-Versini breaking up back in March.


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