Liam Payne Reveals Awkward Interactions With Jay Z And Diddy (VIDEO)

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Liam Payne Graham Norton Jay Z Diddy

By Andrew Shuster |

Liam Payne Graham Norton Jay Z Diddy

(Graham Norton Show)

On Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” Liam Payne revealed having awkward interactions with both Jay Z and Diddy the first time he tried meeting the two rappers. Watch the funny video below!

When the topic of uncomfortable celebrity encounters arose during the British talk show, the One Direction singer had a story of his own to share. Payne recalled spotting Diddy, Jay Z and Leonardo DiCaprio at the same event, and noted, “I was trying to think who’s the easy target in this scenario? Who’s the one that you go over to say the hello?” Payne then explained that he decided to approach Diddy because he had recently saw him in the movie Get Him to the Greek.

The singer went on to say that when he reached out to shake the rapper’s hand, Diddy took his hand, stared at him and slowly laughed in his face “with the longest handshake ever.” Payne added, “I’m looking at Diddy’s eyes like, ‘When is this going to end?’” But the awkwardness didn’t end there. The singer divulged that “the worst of it happened” when he tried to meet Jay Z. “I went to lean in to speak to him,” said the singer, “but you can’t lean in to speak to Jay Z. You’re not allowed to.” As a result, Payne noted, “His bodyguard just shoved me and I went flying across the room. And I was like, ‘Right I’m just going to sit over here… Thank you, that’s enough.’ Very awkward moment.”

Also during Payne’s interview on the talk show, he talked about a mishap that occurred while he and girlfriend Cheryl Cole were changing their two-month-old baby’s diaper. Watch both “Graham Norton Show” videos below!

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