One Direction Leads 65,000 Fans In Singing “Happy Birthday” To Liam Payne Then Hugs (VIDEO)

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Liam Payne Birthday

By Michael Lewittes |

Liam Payne Birthday

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Liam Payne celebrated turning 22 years old on Saturday in Detroit, where his One Direction bandmates led 65,000 fans at Ford Field in singing “Happy Birthday” to him. A smiling ear-to-ear Payne was very much touched by the gesture of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Check out the videos below.

Before the concert, Payne was presented with a cake backstage, and then during the show, the guys sang “Happy Birthday” to him. As they finished singing, Horan shot off a can of confetti over Payne onstage. The birthday boy was moved by it all, and said, “Boys, give me a hug. Come here!” One Direction then came in for a heartwarming embrace.

The closeness and camaraderie comes just a week after Gossip Cop reported that One Direction was going to take a year-long hiatus, beginning in March. During that time each of the band members will relax and pursue their own interests. Payne seemingly will spend more time writing music. He recently said in a radio interview, “I like writing songs for different artists.”

Payne’s birthday, of course, was celebrated by fans all over. Starting a few hours before his birthday, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM” became a trending topic on Twitter.

It appears Payne gifted himself a new tattoo for his birthday. A large eagle inked on his right hand could be seen for the first time at the Detroit concert. Check out the videos below of One Direction celebrating Liam Payne’s 22nd birthday during its Detroit concert.


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