Liam Payne Ex Sophia Smith Did Not Give “Interview” About His Relationship With Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Despite Claim

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Liam Payne Ex Sophie Smith Now magazine

By Michael Lewittes |

Liam Payne Ex Sophie Smith Now magazine

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Liam Payne’s ex-girlfriend Sophia Smith did not sit down for a formal interview about the One Direction singer’s new relationship with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, despite a new tabloid report. Friends and relatives of Smith are calling it a lie.

Joshua Fox, a journalist for the British tabloid Now, posted a photo on Instagram of the magazine’s cover and touted that he had a “chat with Sophia all about Liam & Cheryl in this week’s Now mag.” He added that it’s Smith’s “first ever interview,” but her sister Zoe tweeted at the writer, “stop lying to yourself! Sophia hasn’t done an interview with anyone.”

Louis Tomlinson’s ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder, who was with Smith when the alleged “interview” took place, didn’t hold back either when commenting on Fox’s Instagram post. She wrote, “You and I both know that’s a load of s**t and she doesn’t deserve for you to spread lies about her and/or her situation.” Calder added, “It’s a shame bc you used to be cool… massive f**k for you that Joshua! You’re a pr**k.”

After an avalanche of social media hate, Fox tweeted, “Let’s all remember that a professional journalist records every quote they print. God bless u audio recordings.” Gossip Cop reached out to Fox for just a snippet of his alleged “recordings,” but the writer did not get back to us with proof that he conducted a formal interview. In fact, Fox curiously deleted the tweet in which he boasted about having “recordings” of Smith.

Instead, he posted a story on the Now website, which seems to partially explain what really happened. Far from an agreed-upon interview, Fox noted that Calder tagged on Twitter her location at a London restaurant on February 28. “Crazed fans will follow, nearby journalists will jump at the chance for an interview and the world will know exactly where you are,” he wrote about people adding their locations to tweet. Fox then stated, “That’s exactly what happened last Sunday,” all in an effort “to try my luck at getting a huge scoop.”

According to another post on the Now site, Fox claims he got Smith to say, “It’s so weird. I knew about them a little bit ago, but who thought it would actually come out? I didn’t.” The excerpt of the tabloid’s story also has Smith saying, “I’m okay. I’m all good.”

So crashing a lunch that Smith and Calder were having constitutes an “interview”? Let’s even assume that despite Calder, who was there, saying Fox’s “interview” claim is “a load of s**t” and “lies,” Fox managed to get Smith to it’s “weird” that the story about Payne and Fernandez-Versini got out, and that she’s “all good.” Gossip Cop has been reporting about and interviewing celebrities for more than two decades. That’s not a “huge scoop.” That’s not even a “scoop” at all.

If that even occurred, which Calder says it does not (and Fox seemingly does not have audio for), at best it’s nothing more than a subject politely responding to someone crashing their private meal. At worst, as Calder claims, it’s all “lies.” Either way, it most assuredly isn’t an “interview.”

Liam Payne Ex Sophie Smith Now magazine

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