Liam Payne Denies One Direction Split, Says He “Loves” Zayn Malik (VIDEO)

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Liam Payne Denies One Direction Split

By Shari Weiss |

Liam Payne Denies One Direction Split

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Liam Payne is denying One Direction is permanently splitting, a few days after a rep for the group exclusively told Gossip Cop the claim was “not true.” Watch below.

Payne was at LAX on Friday for a flight from Los Angeles to London, and he gamely responded to questions from paparazzi as he made his way through the airport. While some of the queries were rather innocuous, such as the singer’s favorite American sport and preferred food, others hit on some controversial topics related to One Direction.

As he walked through the airport, Payne said “no, no, no, no” in regards to a split, and even touted the band’s just-announced Brit nominations. When again asked point-blank if the group is “breaking up,” Payne emphatically stated “no,” and then said to the crowd of photographers, “Anyone else want to know if we’re breaking up?”

The British star also shot down the suggestion that they may replace Zayn Malik, saying the band has “enough people,” and they “don’t need any more.” And while the chances seem slim to none, Payne gave a casual “who knows?” when asked about Malik returning to the group. “You know, he’s just doing his own thing,” said the singer.

That said, he did respond positively on whether Malik would be welcomed back. “Of course! I love Zayn. He’s great,” Payne offered. The remarks, however, come after Malik said in two recent interviews that his former band mates have shunned him and won’t return his calls and texts.

Prior to his trip to the airport, Payne worked on a new song, which he teased on Instagram on Saturday. Check out the rapid-fire interview video below.


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