Liam Payne Defends Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction, Supports Solo Career

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Liam Payne Zayn Malik

By Andrew Shuster |

Liam Payne Zayn Malik

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Liam Payne defended former band mate Zayn Malik’s decision to leave One Direction in a radio interview on Monday. Payne explained that he supports Malik’s new solo career and understands why he decided to quit the band in March.

As Gossip Cop noted, Malik signed a solo deal with RCA Records on July 29, tweeting, “I guess I never explained why I left, it was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who i really am! #realmusic #RCA!!” Many One Direction fans were outraged by the implication that the band’s songs are not “#realmusic,” but Payne doesn’t consider the hashtag to be an insult. “One Direction was never Zayn’s sort of music so he kind of always wanted to find something else,” Payne said on Radio 1 in the UK. “If your heart’s not into something, you can’t just carry on doing it because of fame and stuff. You have to go and do what you want to do.”

Payne went on to say that Malik and the band are currently on good terms. “There’s too much history for there not to be love,” he revealed. “But it’s nice that we’ve banded together, and I feel like we’re stronger than ever now actually, which is strange but it’s worked out really nicely for everybody.” Payne also congratulated Malik on his new record deal, which he felt was “cool for him.” Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Liam Payne supporting Zayn Malik’s new career path.


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