HollywoodLife Spreads Fake Liam Payne Baby Name

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Liam Payne Baby Name

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Liam Payne Baby Name

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When HollywoodLife isn’t manufacturing fake news, it’s spreading it. Such was the case this week with a story wrongly claiming Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole named their son “Taylor.”

“Wait a minute, did a celebrity website accidentally reveal Liam Payne and Cheryl’s baby name?” the webloid breathlessly asked. The article noted that the site listed “Taylor Payne” as the couple’s son. That was enough for the site to join fans in speculating the infant’s name had “leaked.”

Did HollywoodLies have any other proof or evidence? Aside from alleging Payne supposedly said in the past that he likes the name “Taylor,” no. Did the blog fact-check with the singers’ reps before publishing its story? Apparently not. Instead, the outlet deemed it a “MAJOR detail,” and asked readers, “What do you think of the baby’s rumored name?”

Well, Gossip Cop thinks HollywoodLies shouldn’t claim to be a celebrity news resource if it’s getting information from a website that relies on fan submissions to build potentially inaccurate profiles. Real publications don’t spread “rumored names.” They either investigate the legitimate name, or wait for an official announcement.

But because the webloid doesn’t practice real journalism, it was forced to backtrack when it emerged Payne and Cole’s son was actually named Bear, not “Taylor.” There is something positive, though, about the site’s ineptitude here. By getting the name wrong, the outlet proved it doesn’t actually have insight into the couple’s life. Gossip Cop previously busted the publication for falsely claiming Payne and Cole were fighting over the baby name. We also called the blog out for then flip-flopping on Payne and Cole by subsequently posting contradictory stories that claimed the couple was “closer than ever” following the infant’s birth and purposefully keeping the name a secret.

It was pretty clear HollywoodLies was just making it all up, and that’s why the site now resorted to picking up an unsubstantiated rumor about the baby’s name. So, not only was the webloid caught spreading fake news now, but it also exposed the blog as lying about previously having “insiders” and “sources.” That, Gossip Cop would argue, is actually a good thing. Now fans should know to steer clear.

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