Liam Neeson NOT “Taken” With “Dream Woman” Jennifer Garner, Despite Claim

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Liam Neeson Jennifer Garner Dating

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Liam Neeson Jennifer Garner Dating

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Liam Neeson is not “taken” with Jennifer Garner, despite a new claim. Gossip Cop can bust a story falsely alleging the pair are on the verge of dating. A rep for Neeson confirms to us that the tale is untrue.

But according to RadarOnline, Garner is Neeson’s “ultimate dream woman” and he “has it bad” for her. It’s alleged “Jen caught Liam’s eye” as she filmed the upcoming movie Peppermint, which is helmed by Neeson’s Taken director, Pierre Morel. “Now Liam’s hoping to be set up with her,” a so-called “insider” alleges to the site.

And the ball is supposedly already rolling. The blog claims Garner was “consulting” with Neeson for her role in the action-driven Peppermint and even studied his Taken franchise. Apparently the website is unaware that Garner spent years starring on the action-filled TV series “Alias” before Taken even came out. She would not need guidance from Neeson for such a part.

Still, the outlet maintains he and Garner are now “talking more and more frequently.” Asserts the specious source, “The fascination is mutual… They are flirting with the idea of going on an actual date, and Liam’s leaning on his friend Pierre to help make it happen.” But if Neeson and Garner are already bonding on their own, why would he need Morel to play matchmaker?

With these red flags in mind, Gossip Cop checked in with Neeson’s rep, who tells us the whole report is made-up “B.S.” Neeson is not pursuing Garner, nor is she looking to date him. There is no “love connection” in the offing, contrary to the online publication’s contentions.

There’s also a blatant factual error, with the site claiming “Garner’s divorce from her husband, Ben Affleck, was finalized last year.” It was recently the one-year anniversary of Garner and Affleck filing for divorce, but it has not been finalized yet. They are still legally married and, as People reported just days ago, are in private mediation as they work on an official settlement.

It’s also worth noting RadarOnline has spent much of the past year peddling wrong information about Garner, including a December article that bogusly claimed Ben Affleck dumped Lindsay Shookus to get back together with her. Meanwhile, the blog’s sister outlet, the National Enquirer, falsely linked Neeson to Naomi Watts just over a year ago. In both cases, time has proven Gossip Cop’s debunkings were correct. Affleck never dumped Shookus for Garner and Neeson never dated Watts. When he and Garner never actually strike up a relationship of their own, it’ll be clear we’re right here, too.


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