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Are Zac Efron and Liam Hemsworth “love rivals?” A tabloid claimed Hemsworth thought it was “a little weird” that Efron was dating a girl that The Hunger Games star supposedly “spent time with” following his divorce. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and came to our own conclusion.

What's Going On With Zac Efron And Liam Hemsworth?

The Australian waitress Zac Efron dated over the last few months, Vanessa Valladares, has supposedly had a strange effect on The Greatest Showman star’s relationship with Liam Hemsworth, Woman’s Day reported. Though there have been reports that Efron and the aspiring model have recently parted ways, sources told the tabloid that there are clear signs of damage to the actors’ relationship.

Vanessa Valladares Has History With Liam Hemsworth?

The insider snitched that shortly after Hemsworth split from Miley Cyrus, he reportedly “spent time with” Valladares. The snitch failed to provide a timeline of when Hemsworth supposedly hung around Valladares. Hemsworth was romantically connected with Dynasty star Maddison Brown two months after his divorce from Miley Cyrus before he began dating his current girlfriend, Australian model Gabriella Brooks, in December 2019. Where does Valladares fit into that?

Regardless, the source asserted, “The whole situation is a little weird for Liam.” It wasn’t just that Hemsworth was uncomfortable with the concept of Efron dating a woman he’d “spent time with,” whatever that means. Hemsworth was also supposedly a bit jealous that another A-list hottie had moved in on his turf.

Whether he’d like to admit it or not, he enjoyed the kudos of being one of Byron’s hottest Hollywood types, and the only pseudo competition was his own brothers!

Though the insider insisted there was “no tension between the actors,” they snidely whispered, “Liam didn’t turn up at Zac’s birthday despite being invited.” There’s dozens of reasons why Hemsworth couldn’t make it. His brother, Chris Hemsworth, also reportedly didn’t turn up for the bash, despite the fact that he was invited. Does that mean Efron is at odds with both Hemsworth brothers? Of course not. All this drama appears to be grossly overstated.

Besides, as we mentioned above, Efron and Valladares have reportedly broken up. The tabloid was stirring up trouble where there was clearly none to be found. Woman’s Day has been busted for this sort of bad behavior in the past. Gossip Cop recently debunked an article from the tabloid claiming Efron’s friends were worried they’d never see him again because he was head over heels for Valladares. This was the same outlet that also claimed Efron and Valladares were secretly engaged. Recent reports seem to contradict that report, and the lack of an announcement is always telling, as well.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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