Story About Liam Hemsworth Supporting Miley Cyrus At ‘The Voice’ By Staying Hidden Is Made-Up

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Liam Hemsworth The Voice Miley Cyrus

By Michael Lewittes |

Liam Hemsworth The Voice Miley Cyrus

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A new report about how Liam Hemsworth supports Miley Cyrus at “The Voice” but “makes sure she has the spotlight” is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this absurd story about why he supposedly “stayed hidden” on the set. We’re told the claim is “stupid.”

Using a visit Hemsworth made to “The Voice” set as the backdrop for its latest fabricated article, HollywoodLife contends the Australian actor “stayed hidden in the shadows so she could have the spotlight.” The repeatedly mistaken site begins its newly manufactured report by stating, “Cyrus may have an amazing team on ‘The Voice’… but she also has an amazing boyfriend.” (Hemsworth and Cyrus are actually engaged.) And the reason, says the unreliable outlet, is that when he recently visited the set of the music competition show, Hemsworth was “trying to make sure he didn’t steal Miley’s thunder.”

After that flimsy premise, HollywoodLies, as it’s known, pivots to its unrelated and untruth contention that Hemsworth and Cyrus’ families are “pressuring them to get pregnant.” The site then quotes a seemingly concocted source who says, “Miley’s dad would also love it if Miley were pregnant… and thinks Miley and Liam would make amazingly talented babies.” What talent exactly do babies have?

Of course, as Gossip Cop noted two weeks ago, the blog first falsely reported Cyrus might be pregnant and, after she personally shot down the rumor, the site then made-up the angle about her parents “pressuring” her to get pregnant. As noted, that was a lie, too. None of her or Hemsworth’s relatives are pushing them to have babies. In fact, a rep for Billy Ray Cyrus exclusively assured Gossip Cop that HollywoodLies’ claim was “absurd and untrue.”

Here’s what happened: Hemsworth visited by the set of “The Voice” a year ago and recently returned again to see his fiancee. From there, HollywoodLies seemingly decided to spin a wholly fictitious piece about how he “stayed hidden” so that Cyrus could have “the spotlight.” The reality, however, is that the movie star stayed out of the way because he’s not a Grammy-nominated coach on the show, like his fiancee. He was just a visitor. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Cyrus who called HollywoodLife’s story just plain “stupid.”

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