Miley Cyrus Bought New House To Avoid Liam Hemsworth’s Snoring?!

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Liam Hemsworth Snoring Miley Cyrus New House

By Shari Weiss |

Liam Hemsworth Snoring Miley Cyrus New House

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Miley Cyrus did NOT buy her new house to avoid Liam Hemsworth’s snoring, despite a silly report. Gossip Cop can bust the ridiculous story.

The claim can be found in the pages of this week’s National Enquirer, which writes that while Cyrus is “happily re-engaged” to Hemsworth, she’s now “un-happily reacquainted with Loverboy’s major horrible habit — he snores like a revving racecar! So when news surfaced that the Malibu pad right next door to Liam’s was up for sale Cyrus SWOOPED.”

“Miley loves Liam to death and says he doesn’t snore all the time, but when he does… it sounds like he’s blowing up the roof over their heads,” claims a so-called “spy” for the supermarket tabloid. “The racket wakes her up and she can’t get back to sleep, so she shelled out big buck$$ so she can tip-toe out of their bedroom, snag a silent night’s sleep at her own home next door — then creep back into bed well-rested and ready for… er, breakfast!”

Here’s what’s true: Cyrus bought a home next to on-again boyfriend Hemsworth. Here’s what’s not true: Everything else. The singer’s home purchase had nothing to do with any supposed “snoring” problem. Cyrus actually snatched up the pad to have additional space and privacy, particularly since Hemsworth has roommates. And with a path connecting the two properties, it allows them to go back and forth at will without having to deal with prying eyes.

Sometimes Gossip Cop thinks the National Enquirer snored through Reporting 101. After all, this is the same tabloid that actually claimed back in 2012 that Cyrus was trying to lose weight so Hemsworth would propose. Um, what?


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