Liam Hemsworth Told Miley Cyrus He Spotted “Real-Life Mermaid”?

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Liam Hemsworth Mermaid Miley Cyrus

By Michael Lewittes |

 Liam Hemsworth Mermaid Miley Cyrus

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Liam Hemsworth did not tell Miley Cyrus he saw “an actual real-life mermaid,” despite yet another fishy story from the National Enquirer. Gossip Cop can correct this completely untrue tail, er, tale. We’re told it’s “BS.”

According to the supermarket tabloid, “Hemsworth swears that after a scary pursuit by swarming sharks while surfing in Malibu, he raced to shore and phoned” Cyrus to tell her he “spotted an actual, real-life mermaid flailing her shapely tail beneath the waves.” The often discredited outlet claims a source told the publication, “Even though Liam was convinced he’d seen a real live mermaid, he figured no one would ever believe him, but nearly swallowed his surfboard when Miley burst into giggles and assured him he was not nuts.”

The magazine’s same seemingly fabricated source alleges Cyrus explained, “A local woman was spooking/cracking up local folks by swimming with an elaborate 25-pound fishtail attached to her tail.” Among the questions to be asked after reading the tabloid’s story is, does anyone truly believe this happened? Comically, the person who made-up this big fish tale didn’t fully think through his or her concocted story because if they did, they’d realize that while Hemsworth was supposedly in a “scary pursuit by swarming sharks,” a woman on the verge of sinking from wearing “25-pound fishtail” (and appearing like a seal) would have been eaten whole.

Notwithstanding how utterly stupid the tabloid’s story is, Gossip Cop still fact-checked it. Unsurprisingly, no one connected to Cyrus or Hemsworth could verify the magazine’s article. And one source close to the couple didn’t mince words, calling the report complete BS.”

Of course, it’s hard to imagine that the Enquirer would make up this story. Actually, it’s not too difficult since it’s the same outlet Gossip Cop busted when it reported that Hemsworth’s genitals sets off airport security alarms because it’s so large. And it’s the same publication that falsely maintained Cyrus lives next door to Hemsworth because of his snoring. None of those or the current claim are true, which is why the supermarket tabloid is probably best used for wrapping fish.

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