Lex McAllister’s Suicide NOT Caused By “The Bachelor,” Despite Shameful Report

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Lex McAllister Suicide Cause The Bachelor

By Shari Weiss |

(Life and Style)

Lex McAllister’s suicide was NOT caused by “The Bachelor,” despite a disgusting new tabloid cover story that shamefully exploits her tragic death.

As Gossip Cop reported, McAllister was found dead last week from a suspected overdose, six years after she appeared on a single episode of “The Bachelor.” McAllister, who then went by “Alexa,” was eliminated by Jake Pavelka in the first episode of season 14 in 2010. Unlike other past contestants, she did not continue to stay involved in the ABC franchise and did not appear on any of the “Bachelor” spinoffs.

But the new issue of Life & Style, which came out on Wednesday, has a cover playing up how McAllister was “dumped” by Pavelka and how contestants now “blame the show” for her death. But the accompanying story doesn’t actually show a strong link between the two. Instead, it quotes former suitors talking about some of the detrimental effects of being on the program. And the reality stars quoted all had much longer and more involved experiences with “Bachelor Nation” than McAllister.

Jesse Csincsak, for example, won “The Bachelorette” in 2008 (but went on to split from DeAnna Pappas). Though he claims to have been one of McAllister’s friends and says, “Even though years have gone by, [the show] still negatively affected her life,” he also admits to not knowing she struggled with depression until after her passing. And that’s because McAllister’s issues, as real and tragic as they were, were not connected to the dating competition.

Life & Style even quotes McAllister’s own brother as saying they do not hold “The Bachelor” responsible. But the magazine decided to capitalize on the connection anyway. And it’s disturbing to see the tabloid and its sources ridiculing “The Bachelor” for exploitation when it is now doing the exact same thing, all for the sake of selling magazine copies. Let McAllister rest in peace.


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