“So You Think You Can Dance” Winner: Who Won “SYTYCD” Season 14?

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So You Think You Can Dance Winner 2017

By Shari Weiss |

So You Think You Can Dance Winner 2017


“So You Think You Can Dance” named “America’s Favorite Dancer” on Monday’s big season 14 finale. Find out who won and get the full results below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, season 14 of “So You Think You Can Dance” began airing back in June. Auditions this year took place in Los Angeles and New York, in front of head judge Nigel Lythgoe, returning fan-favorite Mary Murphy and newbie Vanessa Hudgens. If at least two of the panelists liked a contestant, he or she was invited to the Dance Academy. There, roughly 100 contestants had to impress the All-Stars, which consisted of past “SYTYCD” winners and beloved alumni.

The All-Stars evaluated the new crop of contestants as they performed in a series of challenges across multiple genres. Each pro could select four contenders to join their teams, but they then had to narrow down their squads and pick just one contestant each to move on to this season’s live shows as part of the Top 10. The lucky dancers chosen were Dassy Lee (Fik-Shun), Kiki Nyemchek (Jenna Johnson), Kaylee Millis (Cyrus Spencer), Lex Ishimoto (Gaby Diaz), Mark Villaver (Comfort Fedoke), Koine Iwasaki (Marco German), Taylor Sieve (Robert Roldan), Logan Hernandez (Allison Holker), Sydney Tormey (Paul Kamiryan) and Robert Green (Jasmine Harper).

As Gossip Cop reported, Green and Harper were the first eliminated, while Hernandez actually had to dance with a substitute on the first live show after Holker suffered an injury. Thankfully, as the weeks passed, there were no other injuries during the season, but there some heartbreaking eliminations. Ultimately, the performance finale took place last week with this season’s Top 4: Nyemchek, Ishimoto, Iwasaki and Sieve. The four finalists all had to perform multiple times, including with each other and their All-Star partners. And to determine the winner, votes cast after the episode were added to those from the week prior.

In addition to the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer,” a prize of $250,000 was also at stake. But regardless of the results, all four would get to participate in the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour with the rest of the Top 10. So, how did it all shake out? With less than 30 minutes remaining, host Cat Deeley revealed Nyemchek finished in fourth place. Sieve landed in third.

That left it down to Ishimoto and Iwasaki. And ISHIMOTO won! Check out video of the winning announcement below!

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