Lex Ishimoto “So You Think You Can Dance” Video – Watch Top 4 Finale Performances!

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Lex Ishimoto SYTYCD Finale

By Shari Weiss |

Lex Ishimoto SYTYCD Finale


Lex Ishimoto had one last chance to become “America’s Favorite Dancer” during the “So You Think You Can Dance” performance finale on Monday. Check out the videos below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Ishimoto became the frontrunner of season 14 of “So You Think You Can Dance” as soon as his audition aired in early July. Combining both contemporary and hip-hop styles, the 19-year-old from California improvised his performance on the spot. “You, sir, are going to be a star,” Nigel Lythgoe declared, adding, “I have never seen things you were doing there, ever.” At the Dance Academy, several of this year’s All-Stars wanted to work the aspiring star, but he chose to pair up with Gaby Diaz, the tap-dancing winner from season 12.

And for their first live performance, they nailed a tap dance. In subsequent weeks, Ishimoto proved he could master multiple styles, including Broadway. In early September, Ishimoto and Gaby finally got to do a hip-hop routine, for which they received a standing ovation. Mary Murphy even called him the “Iron Man” of the FOX competition, and Lythgoe said that he represented the show well by showing his versatility in different genres. That said, his samba with Diaz last week wasn’t as beloved.

Still, there was little doubt Ishimoto would make the Top 4, and he still has a good chance of winning the whole shebang. But first, he had to pull off several different performances over the course of tonight’s two-hour episode, including the opening group number and multiple routines with his fellow finalists: Kiki Nyemchek, Koine Iwasaki and Taylor Sieve. In fact, the second performance of the night was a Top 4 dance. Then Ishimoto had to take on a Broadway routine with Iwasaki. The charming, comedic number had the judges on their feet. “Look at how you’ve grown,” Lythgoe told Ishimoto. Mary Murphy told him, “I did not see you coming in this number. I couldn’t believe you pulled it off.” She even added, “This is going to go down as one of my favorite routines in the history of ‘So You Think You Can Dance.'” Vanessa Hudgens also deemed it “excellent.”

Ishimoto followed with his last solo, and was then paired with Nyemchek for a hip-hop performance, for which they received a standing ovation. “That was the ultimate bromance routine,” Hudgens declared. Murphy called it “so much fun,” and hinted that one of them will score the overall victory. “You’re just so good at everything you’re asked to do,” said Lythgoe, with the exception of the samba, he amusingly added. Next, Ishimoto chose to reprise his tap dance with Diaz for their All-Star performance.

That earned him yet another standing ovation, after which Lythgoe exclaimed, “I love it!” He even compared Ishimoto and Diaz to “Fred and Ginger.” Agreed Hudgens, “You guys together is absolutely magical.” Added Murphy, “Lex, you came into this with a secret weapon, and it certainly is your tap.” To close out the big show, Ishimoto and Sieve did a beautiful contemporary routine after confessing during rehearsal that they’re actually in a relationship. Murphy said they did the “longest kiss in history” during the performance, and Lythgoe said “anyone who’s ever fallen in love” would be “touched.” Hudgens also pointed out that, no matter what happens, they can always “look back” on this moment. Check out the videos below!

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