Lewis Black Mocks Michael Strahan, Auditions To Be Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host

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Lewis Black Kelly Ripa Video

By Shari Weiss |

Lewis Black Kelly Ripa Video

(Comedy Central)

Lewis Black had a few choice words for Michael Strahan on Wednesday’s “Daily Show,” during which he also auditioned to be Kelly Ripa’s new “Live” co-host. Watch below.

For his latest “Back in Black” segment, the “Daily Show” correspondent began by announcing, “There’s only three things I like in this world: Cigarettes, liquor, and ‘Live with Kelly and Michael.’ But lately, one of those is killing me!”

After playing a clip in which Strahan joked that people were acting like he died, Black shouted, “Wrong, Strahan! You may technically still be alive, but you’re dead to me! I’d kick your ass myself if you were the size of the last guy that left that show!”

“How dare you leave Kelly?!” the Inside Out star continued. “Watching you and Kelly banter is the only thing that gets me up in the morning.” Black went on to joke, “This is the worst thing a former football star has ever done to a blonde woman!” He then noted, “But on the plus side, Kelly now needs a new knight in shining armor.”

Black offered, “I know just the man for the job. He’s charming, he’s clever, and he has the perfect temperament for morning television.” With that, an audition tape for “Live with Kelly and Lewis” played, showcasing the comedic personality next to Ripa, thanks to some smart and hilarious editing.

How did he do? Check out the video below!


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