Leslie Jones Shamed By MediaTakeOut In Cruel “Makeover” Story

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Leslie Jones Makeover

By Shari Weiss |

Leslie Jones Makeover

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Leslie Jones is getting shamed by MediaTakeOut in a story cruelly insisting she get a “makeover” to be taken seriously. The article, published on Wednesday, is disgusting and offensive.

The site’s despicable headline reads, “THAT’S IT… We Can No Longer DEFEND Comedian LESLIE JONES Against Those MEAN COMMENTS… At Least Until She Puts On SOME MAKEUP OR SOMETHING!!! (She Looks A MESS.)” Along with photos of the star, it’s said, “Cast member Leslie Jones enjoyed the game from her court side seats at Madison Square Garden last night. The New York Knicks played the Portland Trail Blazers and Leslie looked very animated.”

“She also looked TERRIBLE,” continues the webloid. “Girl, if you want us to DEFEND YOU against them comments – you gonna have to get a MAKEOVER!!!” MTO then adds, “In case you forgot. Leslie’s been in a fight against the whole INTERNET TROLLDOM who have called her some very nasty names defaming her look. Plus they leaked intimate pics of the star.”

To call this mean would probably be an understatement. MediaTakeOut is now guilty of the same trolling and name-calling Jones has already faced. To suggest she must look a certain way and meet a certain beauty standard to be defended from Internet cruelty is outrageous.

Jones’ worth is not measured by her appearance, which, by the way, doesn’t need changing. MediaTakeOut, however, could use its own makeover. The outlet has a gross history of body-shaming stars, with similarly awful stories about Kesha, Khloe Kardashian, and Serena Williams. And just when you think the site can’t sink any lower, an article like this is published. It’s reprehensible.


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