Leslie Jones Did NOT “Call Out” Kristen Stewart For “Resting Bitch Face,” Despite Claim

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Leslie Jones Kristen Stewart Resting Bitch Face

By Shari Weiss |

Leslie Jones Kristen Stewart Resting Bitch Face

(Leslie Jones/Twitter)

Leslie Jones did NOT “call out” Kristen Stewart for “resting bitch face,” despite a misleading report. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which twists an “SNL” promo into something sensational.

As Gossip Cop reported, Stewart and Jones star in “SNL” promos that were released on Thursday in anticipation of the actress’ first time hosting “Saturday Night Live.” In one of the previews, Stewart is her laid-back self as she introduces herself and musical guest Alessia Cara. She and Jones then have this exchange:

Jones: Man, this is going to be so fun. You excited?!
Stewart: Yeah, I’m so excited.
Jones: C’mon, man, get excited!
Stewart: I am. This is, this me excited.
Jones: Man, we’re gonna have to work on that.

It was meant to be a self-deprecating take on Stewart’s chilled-out persona. But that’s not how HollywoodLife is spinning it. “Leslie Jones Calls Out Kristen Stewart’s Resting B*tch Face In ‘SNL’ Promo,” blares the site.

Um, what? Nowhere in that short clip, described word-for-word above, is anything said about Stewart having “resting bitch face,” or Jones calling her out for it. HollywoodLies is putting words into the comedienne’s mouth.

The webloid goes on to write in its mean-spirited take, “Even Leslie Jones can only get Kristen Stewart to barely crack a smile. In a hilarious new ‘SNL’ promo, Kristen’s resting b*tch face is out in full force, and Leslie calls her out for not being ‘excited’ enough.”

Well, only part of that is correct. The rest is spin. The online publication further says Stewart is “notorious for her resting b*tch face,” but then quotes her as saying in an interview how she “actually smile[s] a lot.” HollywoodLife could’ve played this all straight, but instead tried to turn the promo into something more scandalous, dramatic, and negative for clickbait.

And, for the record, Jones actually has no problem with Stewart whatsoever. Sharing photos of herself with the actress and Cara on Twitter (see one above), she tweeted, “These girls are too cool for school!!! Real sweetie pies!!” That doesn’t sound like someone “called out” for “resting bitch face.”

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