Leslie Jones Mocks Nude Photos Hack In ‘SNL’ Parody Of ‘Mr. Robot’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Leslie Jones Hack SNL Mr Robot

By Michael Lewittes |

Leslie Jones Hack SNL Mr Robot


Leslie Jones mocked her website being hacked in a “SNL” parody of the USA Network show, “Mr. Robot.” In the short film, Jones goes to Rami Malek’s hacker character (played by Pete Davidson), and asks him to figure who gained access to her computer and published her personal photos. Check out the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

The bit began by noting Malek’s character, Elliott Alderson, has “already hacked the world’s economy” before stating he’s “now facing his biggest challenge yet.” That’s when Jones steps in and asks, “You know computers?” When he questions who she is, Jones explains she’s on “Saturday Night Live,” and tells him, “You need to help me find out who hacked my pics… Who got all my little nasties.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, over the summer nude photos of Jones were hacked from her iCloud account, including pictures seemingly showing her having sex. In addition to the explicit shots, the hacker also posted screenshots of her passport and driver’s license to her website,

In the “Saturday Night Live” spoof of “Mr. Robot,” Jones gives the hacker her laptop and asks, “You do know Windows 95, right?” She also helps him along by telling him her password is “password.” Eventually, the Malek character gives the comedienne a photo and tells Jones, “Leslie, I found your hacker.” As she looks at the picture, Jones says, “Who is this bitch?” before she adds, “Ooh, this is me.” “It seems you backed up your photos to your online website,” he explains about her being hacked.

Check out the video below of Leslie Jones mocking her own nude pictures being hacked in a “SNL” spoof of the TV show “Mr. Robot.”


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