Leonardo DiCaprio: Making ‘The Revenant’ Was Like Filming ‘SNL’ “But Nothing Was Funny”

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Leonardo DiCaprio Ellen DeGeneres Revenant

By Andrew Shuster |

Leonardo DiCaprio Ellen DeGeneres Revenant


Leonardo DiCaprio revealed on Friday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” that due to the unconventional nature of filming his new movie The Revenant in real time, for only one hour a day, the process was like shooting an episode of “Saturday Night Live,” except, “nothing was funny.” Watch the video below!

In his intense new drama The Revenant, DiCaprio’s character is left for dead in the snowy wilderness after being mauled by a bear. He then has to make a 200-mile trek home through brutal weather conditions.

DiCaprio told DeGeneres the 9-month long shoot was the “most difficult” experience of his entire career, explaining that, unlike most movies, the director wanted to “capture everything in natural light,” so the cast and crew only had around an hour a day to shoot a scene. “We rehearsed all day long,” said the actor, and afterwards there was only an hour of sunlight left.

He went on to describe the “very rough shoot” as being “like a ‘Saturday Night Live’ episode every single day, but nothing was funny.” He added, “It was like live theater. There was this constant tension to pull off what we had to pull off in this hour and a half.”

For his role as an 1820s frontiersman, DiCaprio grew out a massive beard, which he admitted was “hard to maintain.” The actor told DeGeneres, “Stuff gets in there. You’re eating and then food falls in.” He then joked, “You have to shampoo it… otherwise it gets to be like a Brillo pad.” DiCaprio further noted that he underwent a “four to five hour makeup job every day,” which included covering his body in fake scars and pouring wax on his beard to make it look like frozen ice. “So again, it was just a joy, the whole experience,” he joked. Watch DiCaprio’s interview on “Ellen.”


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