Leonardo DiCaprio Starring In ‘Shampoo’ Remake?

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Leonardo DiCaprio Shampoo Remake

By Andrew Shuster |

Leonardo DiCaprio Shampoo Remake

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A new tabloid report claims Leonardo DiCaprio is starring in a remake of the 1975 sex comedy, Shampoo, in which Warren Beatty played a hairdresser who sleeps with his wealthy female clientele. Gossip Cop looked into this story, and we can exclusively reveal the truth.

An article in the latest issue of the National Enquirer says Beatty is producing a remake of his classic film, which co-starred Goldie Hawn and Carrie Fisher, and he’s chosen DiCaprio to step into the role he originated. A supposed “source” tells the magazine, in very unnatural language, “The idea’s got [Beatty] bubbling, and he’s convinced Leo’s a natural to fill his old sex-god shoes” and wear his “sex-soaked costumes.”

Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a reliable source close to DiCaprio, who exclusively assures us he’s not in talks to star in a reboot of Shampoo. A Beatty insider similarly tells us the filmmaker isn’t working on a remake of the comedy. It should also be noted, DiCaprio tends to gravitate towards more serious fare. In fact, the only film on his entire resume that might be considered a comedy is The Wolf of Wall Street, which had plenty of dramatic elements as well. Regardless, Gossip Cop is assured the actor won’t be playing a sexed up hairdresser anytime soon.

Of course, the Enquirer has a long history of publishing bogus reports about the movie star, so this latest piece of fiction comes as no surprise. Gossip Cop previously busted the tabloid for falsely claiming DiCaprio spends $25,000 on his beauty regimen. We also debunked the outlet’s phony story about fleas nesting in DiCaprio’s beard. This latest article from the frequently discredited magazine is equally untrue.

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