Leonardo DiCaprio Is NOT On Tinder, Despite Reports (EXCLUSIVE)

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Leonardo DiCaprio Tinder

By Michael Lewittes |

Leonardo DiCaprio Tinder

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Leonardo DiCaprio is not on Tinder, despite a widely spread yet highly inaccurate report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct these false claims. A mutual pal of DiCaprio’s and Gossip Cop tells us these stories are completely “insane” and “untrue.”

The bogus rumor began in Star, and was then quickly picked up by a slew of lemming-like outlets that didn’t bother to fact-check the story. According to the original report, at Coachella, “Leo confessed that he was using the dating app under the name Leonard.” The somewhat unreliable tabloid then quotes a so-called “source” as saying DiCaprio is “obsessed with swiping on girls and seeing who’s out there.”

Before we totally blast this fictitious report out of the water, let’s examine a few things. One, the story emanated from Star, a tabloid Gossip Cop has corrected before about DiCaprio, including a false report that he and Cameron Diaz had a “no strings attached” relationship. Two, how reliable could a source who was partying at Coachella be? Three, if a creative guy like DiCaprio were actually going to use Tinder, don’t you think he would come up with a little less obvious screen name than “Leonard”? Four, why would one of Hollywood’s most guarded stars tell a random person, who just happened to be a Star “source” that he’s “obsessed” with Tinder? Five, DiCaprio seems not to have a problem attracting women, especially those who are leggy, blonde models.

Of course, the story is wholly fabricated, but unfortunately dozen of outlets were more than happy to try to gain Google traffic by shoving together the words “Leonardo DiCaprio” and “Tinder.” Regardless, Gossip Cop actually fact-checked the story, and a source close to the actor tells us exclusively the claim is “untrue.” The DiCaprio insider further joked to Gossip Cop, “One day they say he has 844 models and the next he needs a dating app? It’s insane.”


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