Leonardo DiCaprio NOT Dating 20-Year-Old Model Chelsey Weimar, Despite Reports

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Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Chelsey Weimar

By Shari Weiss |

Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Chelsey Weimar

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Leonardo DiCaprio is NOT dating Chelsey Weimar, despite reports. Gossip Cop can correct the claim. We’re told by an impeccable source that such stories romantically linking the two are inaccurate.

Picking up a rumor first floated by the New York Post, OK! blares in a headline on Friday, “Leonardo Definitely Has A Dating Type! Get Details On His New Fling.” According to the tabloid, DiCaprio “is back to his modelizing ways” and “has set his sights on a new, lovely young lady.” The outlet goes on to claim, “Sources say the actor is involved with Chelsey Weimar!”

“The two were reportedly spotted leaving his usual spot, Nobu Malibu, together,” writes the magazine. But that’s all the evidence OK! has. And it was apparently enough to declare DiCaprio is “involved” with Weimar and having a “fling.”

Other outlets have also similarly leapt to the conclusion that the Oscar winner is dating the 20-year-old model. But right now it’s the media embarking on a new relationship, not DiCaprio. Gossip Cop’s rock-solid DiCaprio source assures it’s “not true” the two are dating.

Of course, OK! has a terrible track record when it comes to DiCaprio’s love life. Earlier this year, the tabloid falsely said the Oscar winner was looking to date Jennifer Lawrence, and last fall, it wrongly claimed he was engaged. Clearly, the magazine still doesn’t bother to fact-check.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is dating 20 year old model Chelsey Weimar.


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