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Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have been dating since April 2018. Predictably, the tabloids have been full of phony articles making all kinds of false claims about them. These are a few of the stories Gossip Cop has busted about the couple supposedly getting married.

In August. OK! took full advantage of the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood hype by connecting a DiCaprio's marriage proposal to Morrone with help from Brad Pitt. The article was full of incorrect allegations, but the one that stood out was Pitt's supposed assistance in the matter. The outlet quoted a so-called "source" as saying, "Brad gave Leo tips on how to pop the question in a romantic fashion without coming across too cheesy. Brad's becoming like an older brother to him. You can bet he's going to be front and center on their wedding day." According to the outlet, that also included Pitt planning DiCaprio's bachelor party.

Of course, it was all false, as Gossip Cop said at the time. Pitt was not involved with DiCaprio's supposed proposal because the proposal never took place. Almost four months later, DiCaprio and Morrone still aren't engaged. In fact, earlier this month, a source told the much more reliable E! News, "He is very serious with Cami and has been for a while now, but marriage is not something that is on the horizon."

Just a couple of days after that story, NW upped the ante and asserted Pitt was going to be the best man at DiCaprio's "shotgun wedding." The publication falsely reported that not only was DiCaprio getting hitched, but Morrone was also pregnant with their first child. However, the couple still wasn't engaged, and Pitt still had nothing do with the make-believe wedding. Of course, Morrone was not, and is not pregnant. Gossip Cop once again debunked a made-up report from a tabloid connecting the three stars.

By the end of August, OK! was back with a completely bogus story, but had seemingly forgotten its report about the couple's wedding just weeks before. The new story didn't even mention an engagement. Instead, this latest story simply claimed DiCaprio was moving from New York to Los Angeles to live with Morrone . Gossip Cop pointed out that DiCaprio already owned property in southern California, but was not planning on moving in with his girlfriend. The tabloid has still not corrected either story.

One month ago, In Touch published a phony report claiming Morrone wanted DiCaprio to propose, but he was refusing. The story quoted a so-called source as saying, "She's been patiently waiting for him to pop the question, but now she's dropping all kinds of hints." Gossip Cop noted that the outlet had scant details about these supposed hints. We also ran the story by the actor's spokesperson, who told us there was no truth to it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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