Leonardo DiCaprio, Camila Morrone Relationship Rumors

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Leonardo DiCaprio Camila Morrone Rumors

By Andrew Shuster |

Leonardo DiCaprio Camila Morrone Rumors

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with girlfriend Camila Morrone has been the subject of many false tabloid stories. Gossip Cop has debunked several phony articles about the couple. Here are five wrong rumors.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted NW for wrongly reporting DiCaprio’s girlfriend was pregnant with his baby. A supposed source told the magazine the model was trying to hide a “baby bump” under baggy clothes during a recent date night. The anonymous tipster further maintained that the pregnancy was accidental, and although DiCaprio wasn’t thrilled about having a child, he was willing to step up and be a dad. However, the movie star’s spokesperson told us on the record that the report was completely untrue. DiCaprio simply isn’t expecting a child with Morrone.

In May, Gossip Cop called out OK! for falsely claiming Morrone was upset that DiCaprio is still in touch with some of his exes. The publication maintained the Oscar-winner was refusing “to cut ties with his former flings,” and his girlfriend was becoming increasingly frustrated. The outlet didn’t bother to provide a single name of an ex-girlfriend who DiCaprio was supposedly contacting. An individual in the movie star’s camp assured us the drama was all made-up.

Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day in April for alleging DiCaprio’s girlfriend had accused him of having an affair with Margot Robbie, his co-star in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The outlet contended that Morrone stormed out of a dinner date in Los Angeles because she believed her boyfriend was hooking up with his co-star. The magazine didn’t bother to mention that Robbie has been married to producer Tom Ackerley for more than two years.

As we’ve also noted, Robbie has been friendly with DiCaprio since they first worked together on 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street. In past interviews, Robbie described the movie star as a “wonderful big brother” and dismissed all tabloid rumors about a romance between them. Morrone has never believed any such rumors to be true.

In February, Gossip Cop debunked a Woman’s Day story that alleged DiCaprio was inspired to propose to Morrone after seeing Bradley Cooper settle down with then-girlfriend Irina Shayk. The premise didn’t make much sense considering Cooper was never engaged to Shayk, with whom he shares a two-year-old daughter. Still, the publication asserted DiCaprio proposed to Morrone on a beach in Thailand with a $3.7 million engagement ring. The actor’s own rep told us the report was false. As time has proven, Morrone hasn’t been spotted wearing an engagement ring.

And last year, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day for falsely claiming Al Pacino warned DiCaprio not to hurt his “stepdaughter” Morrone. The story was written when Pacino was still dating the model’s mom, Lucila Sola. However, the two were never married, so Morrone was never Pacino’s “stepdaughter.”

Still, the tabloid insisted the legendary actor had given DiCaprio a “stern talking to, and warned him to be respectful” of Morrone. The incident never occurred. A trusted DiCaprio insider assured us he was never confronted by The Godfather star over his relationship with the model.


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Brooke Blumberg, Spokesperson for Leonardo DiCaprio.