Leonardo DiCaprio Dumping Camila Morrone Because His Mom Is Pressuring Him To Propose?

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Side by side shots of Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone at red carpet events

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shots of Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone at red carpet events

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A tabloid claims Leonardo DiCaprio is ready to dump girlfriend Camila Morrone – and it’s because his mom keeps pressuring him to propose to her. The story is totally ridiculous. Gossip Cop can correct it.

A so-called “source” tells the National Enquirer, “Leo loves being with Camila, but he’s been getting so much pressure to put a ring on it, he’s ready to hit the bricks.” The outlet the notes that the couple spent the holidays on vacation in St. Bart’s, but claims DiCaprio was “glued to his cellphone” and ignored his girlfriend the entire trip. It’s a ridiculous statement that seems to be based on a single paparazzi picture of the actor looking down at his phone during the vacation. However, there are several more photos of DiCaprio and Morrone laughing and showing PDA on the beach.

From there, the tabloid claims DiCaprio also showed disinterest in his girlfriend at W magazine’s pre-Golden Globes party. “Leo sat at a corner table chatting with Armie Hammer and another pal, drinking and smoking,” says the questionable tipster. “He refused to cut his evening short when Camila felt sick and wanted to go home.” The Wrap, a trusted entertainment outlet that often gets exclusive industry scoops, reported that DiCaprio and Morrone were “snuggling at the W magazine party.

The magazine then rehashes a scenario that Gossip Cop debunked last month – the idea that DiCaprio’s mom, Irmelin, is pressuring him to propose. The unknown tipster says Irmelin’s pleas have backfired and now he’s ready to call off his relationship with Morrone. “Leo’s a bachelor through and through. He wants to do what he wants to do, and when he starts feeling cornered, that’s his cue to end it.”

DiCaprio’s own spokesperson already told Gossip Cop that his mom isn’t pressuring him to propose. Additionally, Morrone joined DiCaprio at all of the Golden Globes afterparties he attended earlier this month. E! News, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than the Enquirer, reported that the two “greeted each other with a sweet kiss” when the model arrived at the Beverly Hilton, where the ceremony took place.

Simply put, DiCaprio’s romance is still going strong, and no one in his life is pressuring him to pop the question. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid last August for falsely claiming DiCaprio and Morrone were headed for a split over her alleged jealousy of Margot Robbie. The publication has no insight into the couple’s relationship, so it prints these fictional narratives instead.


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