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Has Leonardo DiCaprio proposed to longtime girlfriend Camila Morrone? Multiple tabloids are pushing the same story so Gossip Cop is taking a look.

After three years of dating, Life & Style is claiming the actor has proposed to his 22-year-old girlfriend Morrone. An “insider” told the magazine that DiCaprio “only has eyes for Camila.” This insider apparently is close enough to DiCaprio to know that he asked Camila’s dad before proposing, and “he was more than happy to give them his blessing.”

Sister publication In Touch is pushing a very similar narrative. With the same photograph of the two walking hand in hand, this magazine says “Leonardo has finally found the one” and has proposed. This magazine must have spoken to the same insider, here listed as a “pal” of DiCaprio, for the same line “he only has eyes for Camila” pops up again. This magazine goes one step further by adding “there isn’t a wedding date yet because of the pandemic, but it’ll likely be next year.”

Gossip Cop honestly can’t say for certain if Leonardo DiCaprio has popped the question or not. He and Morrone have been dating since December 2017 and by all accounts, they are quite close. It’s possible that they may indeed get married, but we are still suspicious of these tabloid reports. No formal announcement has been made and until one is we will remain dubious of any claims.

Despite being sister magazines, it seems odd that both tabloids would publish the exact same quote from the same shady insider/pal. These terms are used by tabloids a lot and typically signal wild speculation over any truth. For another reason, the couple was recently spotted by the Daily Mail visiting the Titanic star’s mother. Morrone was not wearing a ring on her finger which might indicate no present engagement.

Entertainment Tonight, a far more reliable source,recently examined why DiCaprio may be preparing to settle down. This is the longest relationship he’s had since dating Bar Refaeli from 2005 to 2011. He also brought Morrone to the Academy Awards as his date, a move he hasn’t done with a girlfriend since Gisele Bundchen in 2005. If nothing else, this is a serious relationship for both of them, so marriage would not be out of the question.

This isn’t the first time In Touch has published marriage rumors between the two, however. In October, it published a story alleging Morrone wanted DiCaprio to propose. A spokesperson for DiCaprio told us that there was “no truth” to that story, a story that relied on a single anonymous source just as this one does.

Tabloids have a notoriously spotty track record where this relationship is concerned. OK!, another sister publication of these two tabloids, reported last year that Morrone was upset with DiCaprio because he remains friends with his exes. That same tabloid also published a story that the two had secretly gotten married. Both of these stories were busted by Gossip Cop over a total lack of evidence and exemplify that tabloids seldom have the real scoop.

Earlier this year the National Enquirer, yet another tabloid with the same owner as the ones in question, reported that DiCaprio was planning to dump Morrone over family pressure to propose. We busted these stories as pure speculation, and the two have remained together through these reports, so perhaps the tabloids are simply pivoting to an engagement narrative over a break-up one.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.


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