Lenny Kravitz Penis Photo, Video: Rocker Exposed After Pants Split In Crotch

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Lenny Kravitz Penis Photo Video

By Shari Weiss |

Lenny Kravitz Penis Photo Video

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Lenny Kravitz gave fans in Sweden more than they bargained for on Monday when his pants split mid-concert. If so inclined, see NSFW video and photo below.

The rocker was performing in Stockholm when he squatted down with his guitar. The crouching, however, was apparently more than his leather pants could handle. The pants completely ripped in the crotch, tearing a wide hole.

And, well, Kravitz wasn’t wearing any underwear. The musician’s penis was entirely exposed. Perhaps feeling a breeze, Kravitz realized what had happened, covered up, and went to change pants backstage.

Though it was only the front row concertgoers who were treated to the prime view of Kravitz’s junk, the moment was captured on camera by fans and professional photographers alike. And, thanks to the power of social media, actual video of the incident is now going viral. For his part, Kravitz hasn’t mentioned the incident at all, but posted a series of fully-clothed pictures from the concert on his Instagram.

The guitar legend is currently in the midst of his “Strut Tour,” in support of his album Strut, which was released nearly a year ago. Kravitz has another Sweden concert on Tuesday, this time in Goteborg, followed by stops in Denmark and Poland before a break til the end of the month. Maybe he’ll use the time to buy new pants? If so inclined, see video and a photo of Kravitz’s wardrobe malfunction below.

UPDATE: Kravitz acknowledged the incident, or what he called “#penisgate,” on Tuesday night by sharing a hilarious text message Steven Tyler sent him. See below.



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