Lena Dunham “The View” Video: Watch Donald Trump, “Girls” Interview

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Lena Dunham The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Lena Dunham The View Video


Lena Dunham appeared on “The View” on Friday to promote “Girls,” but ended up talking a lot about Donald Trump. Check out the video below.

After Dunham was welcomed to the stage, Joy Behar brought Trump up right away, saying how, as a Hillary Clinton supporter, the actress took the election results hard. She admitted, “I found the night of the election to be so shocking and traumatizing, and if I felt that way, imagine how the people who are so at-risk at this country right now must have felt.” She added, “If a rich white girl who’s on television is breaking out in hives, how do the undocumented Americans feel?”

Behar went on to ask Dunham why she’s against people using name-calling to attack Trump. “I think it’s really important to remember that one of the tools Donald Trump used to insult people was to demean their bodies,” she responded, explaining, “For us to then refer to him as the ‘orange giant’ or talk about the size of his [genitals], that’s actually not productive… Why don’t we gather our brains and talk about [policy], not stoop to the level?”

The discussion also touched on Dunham’s Halloween costume, with the “Girls” creator saying, “I was a grabbed vagina, because there’s a word I was told I can’t say on ‘The View.'” Guest co-host Bob Saget also wanted to know about Dunham’s Trump-fueled weight loss, which prompted her to crack about her stress, “If I’m not hungry, we have a real freakin’ problem.”

Saget later brought up “Girls,” noting his own daughters are fans of the HBO show. Dunham then stunned everyone by asking, “How do your daughters feel about me being attracted to you?” They went to commercial at that surprising moment, and continued the discussion after the break, with Saget suggesting they “double date” or maybe “swing.”

Jedediah Bila went back to politics by asking why Dunham wants to help even women who voted for Trump. She essentially expressed empathy, saying, “I think it’s really important to understand so many aren’t raised with the rhetoric of self-empowerment… They haven’t been given the message that they do matter.” And she hopes female Trump voters see that, even as their president sometimes suggests otherwise.

Sara Haines eventually got the conversation back on the topic of “Girls,” with Dunham revealing, “There’s nothing we’d love more than to do a movie and see these girls as women.” Stressing their real-life friendships, she also noted, “I think the media likes to create a feud narrative, and I’ve seen items in Star” about made-up feuds between the cast members.

As Gossip Cop reported, Dunham was on the “Today” show earlier Friday, where she threw interviewer Maria Shriver off by saying the word “penis.” Watch “The View” videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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