Lena Dunham Destroys Jimmy Fallon And J.K. Simmons In Pictionary (VIDEO)

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Lena Dunham Jimmy Fallon Steve Higgins JK Simmons Pictionary

By Michael Lewittes |

lena dunham jimmy fallon steve higgins jk simmons pictionary


Lena Dunham destroyed Jimmy Fallon and J.K. Simmons during an intense game of Pictionary on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” The late night host and Simmons were no match for Dunham and her partner Steve Higgins, who were perfectly in sync from the the start of the game (video below).

Dunham was up first. Within seconds of her starting to draw, Higgins correctly guessed the answer was the tooth fairy, leaving their opponents stunned. Fallon, who was next up, noted, “This is not going to go well. This is not going to go well at all.”

Fallon then announced he would be drawing an object, but that it would be a “tricky one.” And it was. Fallon had to sketch a “Footlong Hotdog.” His partner Simmons had no clue what he was trying to draw. “Something phallic!” Simmons guessed, before adding, “A vagina.” Higgins exclaimed, “That is filthy. This is a kids show. Children are watching!” Simmons defended his words by noting, “It’s a medical term.” Fallon’s drawing didn’t get any better. In fact, it may have gotten worse, and he and Simmons soon ran out of time. “I am sorry,” he told his teammate. “I am embarrassed.” Dunham added, “Jimmy, I’m saying this with complete love. You could not have failed harder.”

During the second round, Dunham quickly figured out that Higgins was drawing a “Pickle Jar” for their second win. Simmons was the last to go, and Dunham told the star, “J.K., don’t stress! You are a really good actor!” Simmons sketched an arrow pointing up and a chair, which allowed Fallon to correctly guess “High Chair” for their first win. For the final showdown, Dunham and Fallon both had to draw a “Wingman” for their partners to guess. “No matter what happens, we stay friends,” Dunham told the talk show host. Check out the video below to see who won!


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