Lena Dunham On Supporting Hillary Clinton: I Don’t Vote “Exclusively Along Vaginal Party Lines”

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lena dunham hillary clinton support

By Michael Lewittes |

lena dunham hillary clinton support

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Lena Dunham defended her support for Hillary Clinton on Friday, saying, “Don’t insult a woman’s intelligence by acting as though she votes exclusively along vaginal party lines.” Dunham’s comments were made on Instagram in response to backlash from a previous post in which she was pictured with an “I’m with Hillary Clinton” bumper sticker in her mouth following a visit to her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.

In her most recent post, alongside a photo of Lil Kim, Dunham wrote, “If I was gonna vote for someone just because she was female it would be this chick.” More seriously, Dunham took aim at accusations that she and other Clinton supporters would vote for the former Secretary of State for president strictly because she’s a woman. The offended “Girls” creator noted, “Accusing women of supporting Hillary just because she’s female is misogynistic BS,” adding, “women are smart enough to make decisions based on a number of factors: policy, track record, campaign strategy.”

Dunham acknowledged she thinks it’s time for a female president, but stressed that it’s not because she’s part of “a witch’s cabal that senses ovaries and suddenly MUST VOTE.” She concluded that people should not insult women by pretending they vote “exclusively along vaginal party lines.” Tell us what you think about Lena Dunham’s comments and support for Hillary Clinton.


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