LeAnn Rimes NOT Pregnant, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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LeAnn Rimes Pregnant

By Daniel Gates |

LeAnn Rimes Pregnant


LeAnn Rimes is NOT pregnant. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the rumor, which started with a new Star cover story claiming Rimes is “finally pregnant after years of trying… but her marriage to Eddie Cibrian is falling apart.”

“Her close friends believe she’s pregnant,” a so-called “source” tells Star. “She’s not telling anyone, but she’s being super cautious about everything she eats and hasn’t been drinking alcohol, which is rare for LeAnn.” Wow, really good evidence there. “She’s definitely got the baby bug,” adds the Star insider, blathering on and on with meaningless quotes.

According to Star, Cibrian “doesn’t seem to share” Rimes’ supposed baby joy. The magazine’s source explains, “LeAnn has wanted a baby with Eddie so badly, it consumed her. But Eddie never shared LeAnn’s baby fever. He already has two sons and has never shown much interest in having any more children. This whole process — all the IVF, all the money they spent on trying to get pregnant — was for LeAnn and LeAnn alone.”

Now friends are “worried about the couple’s marriage,” alleges Star, which claims that “trust issues” and “mounting tensions” are “turning what should be the happiest time in LeAnn’s life into a marital nightmare.” Interesting.

Is this kind of like when Star said, back in February 2013, that Rimes was “finally pregnant”? Or is it more like the time the magazine said she was “finally pregnant” in July 2013? What about the “$50 million divorce” Star said Rimes and Cibrian were getting in October 2013? Or the time in March 2014 when the tabloid claimed Rimes was “broke & alone” after Cibrian allegedly left her?

Star’s sources have been wrong about Rimes and Cibrian for years. The magazine has no clue what it’s talking about. She is NOT pregnant. She and Cibrian are NOT in trouble. Those are both lies that Star “insiders” are spreading. A rep for Cibrian tells Gossip Cop exclusively, “Star is so laughable it is actually sad. The stories they come up with are so ludicrous and untrue… there is ZERO truth to anything in their story.” There you have it.


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