Leah Remini On Katie Holmes: I Know Why She Left Scientology (VIDEO)

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leah remini katie holmes scientology

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leah remini katie holmes scientology

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Leah Remini responded to Katie Holmes’ statement about Scientology and the “King Of Queens” actress’ tell-all, and it seems like both women are focused on the future. During a follow-up interview with ABC on Monday’s “Good Morning America,” Remini said hearing Holmes’ well wishes made her emotional because she now knows why Tom Cruise’s ex-wife had to make the decision to leave, saying, “We’re back to being human now.” Watch what else Remini had to say about Holmes below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Remini said on Friday’s “20/20” she got “written up” Church of Scientology officials when she told Holmes and then-boyfriend Tom Cruise when they were kissing in his home years ago, “Get a freakin’ room.” ABC then promoted that it had information on Holmes’ take on Scientology, but the former Mrs. Tom Cruise made it clear in a one-sentence statement that she didn’t speak to ABC nor did she want to get involved in Remini’s interview, which was to promote her book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology. Holmes said, “I regret having upset Leah in the past,” adding, “and wish her only the best in the future.”

After the “20/20” interview aired on Friday night, Remini sat down for a second interview that aired on Monday’s “GMA” and admitted how happy she was to hear Holmes’ response. “I’m smiling because it almost makes me want to cry,” Remini said with tears in her eyes after hearing the statement. “It makes me emotional because at the time when Katie and this particular crew were writing reports, it caused me a lot of time and pain in my family, being ‘reprogrammed.’ So, at the time, I was fighting with her,” she continued. “And now I know, really, what she was going through.”

“I had no idea she was going through probably a lot more, and looking back now and seeing her and Suri out there in the world, and her being able to be with her daughter and live her life, I’m touched by it because I know now she did what she did leaving because she had to protect her daughter,” said Remini.

In a statement furnished to Gossip Cop, the Church of Scientology says Remini was “expelled” from the church, and that she “needs to move on with her life” rather than “exploiting” her former religion for “money and attention.”

See what else Remini had to say about Holmes in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop know what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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