Leah Remini Defends Friendship With Kris Jenner After Fans Revolt

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Leah Remini Defends Kris Jenner Friendship

By Shari Weiss |

Leah Remini Defends Kris Jenner Friendship

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Leah Remini is friends with Kris Jenner, whether her fans like it or not. That’s the message Remini gave followers after a revolt of sorts.

Late Friday, Remini posted a picture of one of Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. She wrote in the caption, “@krisjenner thank you for this lovely package! My daughter Sofia is very happy and will not share! So I need another one ;) #kylielipkit #Swag.”

But while Remini was just giving her pal a grateful shout-out, she herself then got called out by commenters for associating with the Kardashians. Among the hateful messages were followers even questioning her parenting skills. A short time later, Remini returned to Instagram to lay down the law.

In the new post, Remini showed off a Bret Easton Ellis advertisement with the phrase, “If you don’t like me unfollow me.” In the caption, the actress said, “I saw this billboard on Sunset Blvd today, I don’t know what it’s promoting, but I’m posting it.”

She went on, “I posted a picture thanking @krisjenner for sending my daughter a package. I actually got nasty comments about it and threats of unfollowing. I’m good with an unfollow. Believe that. #IWillSurvive #TheSunWillStillRise #iAmStillMe.”

A debate has since ensured in the comments sections of both posts, but now they’re mostly filled with messages of support for Remini’s point. Though tagged in the two posts, Jenner herself has yet to weigh in.


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