Lea Michele “Ready To Settle Down” With Zandy Reich?

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Lea Michele Zandy Reich Settle Down

By Shari Weiss |

Lea Michele Zandy Reich Settle Down

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Is Lea Michele “ready to settle down” with new boyfriend Zandy Reich? Gossip Cop investigated the claim and can reveal what we’ve exclusively learned.

The allegation comes from Life & Style, which asserts Michele’s romance with the fashion executive is “picking up some major momentum.” In fact, even though they were only spotted together for the first time a few weeks ago, a so-called “source” claims to the tabloid that the new couple is “getting serious.” The gossip magazine’s supposed snitch further alleges, “She’s at a point where she’s more than ready to settle down and start a family, and they’ve already started talking about moving in together.”

The publication champions Reich as a “longtime family friend” and a beau who is a “change of pace” from Michele’s past flames. “She loves that he’s not an actor and has no desire to be in the spotlight. She appreciates how kind Zandy is, and she loves that he knows fashion. And he makes her laugh. That’s enough for Lea,” contends the outlet’s alleged tipster, who adds that Michele and Reich are “perfect for each other.”

Time will tell if Michele and Reich go the distance, but Gossip Cop is told this story is jumping the gun… by a lot. “They just started dating,” a friend of the actress stresses to Gossip Cop. “It’s new and they are happy.” For right now, that’s all there is to report. And if the relationship does progress, we’ll have the accurate details, not Life & Style.

The tabloid actually proved how little it knows about the former “Glee” star last fall. Nearly a year ago, the magazine falsely claimed Michele and Emma Roberts were feuding on the set of “Scream Queens.” Not only had Gossip Cop debunked such untrue allegations before, but the co-stars are actually best friends. The publication would’ve known that if it had real insight into Michele’s life. But it didn’t then and apparently it still doesn’t now.

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