Lea Michele Sends Flowers To Herself On Set Of TV Show?

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Lea Michele Flowers

By Andrew Shuster |

Lea Michele Flowers

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Is Lea Michele really sending flowers to herself on the set of her new TV show “The Mayor” to show off her popularity? One of this week’s new tabloids claims the crew of the comedy series is convinced the actress orders bouquets for herself, but Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we’ve exclusively learned the truth.

A so-called “source” tells Star that Michele constantly receives flowers on set and makes sure to “make a big song and dance about it every single time.” The actress has been dating clothing designer Zandy Reich since July, but the outlet’s dubious insider says the crew doubts the flowers are coming from her boyfriend. “The flowers arrive the same time every day, so we joke that she’s set up auto-delivery with the flower company,” adds the questionable insider.

The seemingly phony source continues, “Who knows, maybe Zandy is just a hopeless romantic, but no one would be surprised if Lea was the culprit.” But Gossip Cop checked in with an insider involved in the production of “The Mayor,” who exclusively assures us the magazine’s story is completely made-up. We’re told Michele doesn’t receive a daily delivery of flowers, nor does anyone on set suspect she’s ever sent a bouquet to herself. The outlet’s report is simply bogus.

Unfortunately, we’re no surprised by the tabloid’s inaccurate reporting. Gossip Cop previously busted Star for falsely claiming Michele “got cozy” with Rob Lowe in front of his wife during a visit to the couple’s home. Of course, no such incident occurred. We also previously called out Star’s sister publication, OK!, for fabricating a story about Michele unhealthily “binge-eating” following a string of breakups. There was no truth to that accusation either. This latest article about the actress’s supposed habit of sending herself flowers is equally bogus.

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